Incendie de Notre-Dame de Paris – Soutien de l’IIC

Incendie de Notre-Dame de Paris – Soutien de l’IIC

Suite à l’incendie qui a détruit, hier soir, la totalité de la charpente, la flèche et une partie de la voûte de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, le secrétaire exécutif de l’IIC, Graham Voce, nous a fait part de leur solidarité :

Dear Roland and all at SFIIC

Please accept from all of us at IIC our deepest sympathies and our concern too on reading about and seeing the terrible destruction wrought on the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris yesterday.  We are horrified at the loss of so much heritage and so much damage to the spirit of France and its culture in this terrible event.  The destruction of so much craftsmanship, so much architecture and so much social history is awful for us to see. 

If we can help at all by spreading news, reports and information or in other ways please do let us know.  We are here ready to help as best we can.

Kind regards as ever

Nous avons également reçu un message de soutien du British Museum dont voici le contenu :

Dear Roland

I write on behalf of the British Museum’s Collection Care Department,
which includes Conservation, Collections Management and Photography to
offer support to your members after the dreadful fire at Notre Dame.

Our sympathy  goes out to the conservators of France who will have some
heart-rending work to do. We wish them strength and courage but we also
know the results of their work will be outstanding,  and will reinstate,
once again,  beauty and dignity  to the cathedral.

If there is any assistance that we can offer to SFIIC  in the coming
months and years of salvage, recovery and restoration  please do contact

With our very best wishes
Sandra Smith
Head of Collection Care
T (UK+44) 020 7323 8673
Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG